10th Annual Monster Mash

October 17-18th - Hershey, PA

10th Annual Monster Mash is set!

When - October 17-18, 2020

Where - Hershey, PA 

Ages - 9U / 10U/ 11U / 12U / 13U / 14U / 15/16U (JV Level) & 17/18U (Varsity Level)

Important - Please Read - Due to many teams not playing a full season this summer, 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U will NOT move up to an older age bracket. Please register in the age bracket that you would have played this Spring & Summer.  Typically we move up in age on September 1st but we are not making teams do that this Fall.  If you want to move up in age you are allowed.  Simply sign up for the appropriate age group. 13U & 14U age determination is optional.  Meaning if you didn't get a full Spring/ Summer at 13U or 14U you can still play in that age group. You can't play in a lower age group though.  If you are a Spring/ Summer 14U you must play either 14U or 15/16U. It's Your Choice. 15U/16U is HS JV Level & 17/18U is HS Varsity Level.


9U - $625.00 per Team

10U-12U -$695.00 per Team

13U, 14U, 15/16U & 17/18U - $795.00 per Team

Field Dimensions:

9U- 10U - 46/60'

11U-12U - 50/70'

13U thru 18U - 60/90'

Format - 2 Day & 3 Game Minimum - Play 2 games Saturday & 1 to 3 games Sunday based on results.  Top 2 finishers in each age group receive a Team Trophy and Individual Medals.

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